My research interests

Integrating AI and Machine Learning for Sustainable Industrial Control Systems

AIML, LTU, 2022

The focus of my research interest is on the development of sustainable industrial control systems through the integration of AI and machine learning technologies. I am interested in exploring innovative techniques to design intelligent control systems that can adapt to variable environmental conditions and optimize energy consumption. Specifically, I intend to investigate the application of machine learning algorithms to model the behavior of industrial systems and predict their performance under diverse operating conditions. Ultimately, my aim is to contribute to the creation of more sustainable industrial control systems that can enhance energy efficiency and minimize environmental impact.

Towards Decentralized Industrial Control Systems: Exploring the Potential of Blockchain Technology for Secure and Efficient Automation

Blockchain, LTU, 2021

Interested in exploring the use of smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps) to build more secure, efficient and transparent control systems for industrial applications. This includes investigating the potential of blockchain technology for enabling secure and decentralized data sharing, as well as for automating control tasks and optimizing industrial processes. Ultimately, my goal is to contribute to the development of next-generation industrial control systems that leverage blockchain technology to enhance their security, reliability, and performance.

Enhancing Safety and Security in Industrial Control Systems: Formal Modeling, Verification, and Optimization Techniques with a Focus on IEC 61499 Standard and Digital Twin Technology

Formal modelling and verification, LTU, 2020

I am interested in conducting research on the formal modeling and verification of industrial control systems, with a specific emphasis on the IEC 61499 standard. My focus is on exploring the novel techniques for modeling and verifying complex cyber-physical systems, including the integration of digital twin technology for formal verification purposes. Additionally, I am exploring the potential of process mining to optimize the performance of industrial control systems. Ultimately, my objective is to develop more efficient and reliable control systems that can be formally verified to ensure their safety and security.